Montag, 27. März 2017, 09.35 Uhr

Züri Unterland muss in die Zusatzschleife

Die Unterländerinnen konnten sich wenigstens noch über den Sieg freuen, auch wenn es für den direkten Aufstieg nicht gereicht hat.

Report by Peter Weiss in the Zürcher Unterländer of 27 March 2017

After only 50 minutes of play, it has happened to Züri Unterland women in the final second leg against Obwalden. Volleyas outer attacker Celina Wirz jumps up to serve, hits, the ball flies heavily and places on the recently substitute Camila Addiechi. Züri Unterland's substitute Libera goes to the ball, but her acceptance skips and lands directly on the ground. With 25:17 the second movement goes to the Central Swiss.

After the Unterlandinnen had decided the first set with 25:23 for themselves, it is in front of 150 spectators in the Klotener Ruebisbachhalle only 1: 1. But after their 3-0 home win in the first leg, the guests are in the overall standings unassailable front. The Obwalnerinnen make fun of their well-traveled club juniors, who support them vigorously, and their fans, among others with two cow bells. On the other side of the net, the Unterländerinnen look at each other in consternation. "In the first moment tears came to some, including me," says Züri Unterlands diagonal attacker Chabeli Hasler afterwards. "We've been working on these two games all season, so much that we are moving up to NLB on a direct route - and given everything today. I too was emotionally charged. Then realizing that it was not enough was pretty hard at first. "

«Really wanted to do it»

In fact, until then Chabeli Hasler scored well in delicate situations with good regularity, loudly cheered every successful action of her teammates and proved in the overall combative and compact occurring Unterland team as a real asset. "We really wanted to do it today, and we believed in our chance," the 22-year-old said, "but luckily we have one now, and after the game today I'm very confident that we'll be there on the up - / Relegation round to the NLB. »Compared to the first leg a week earlier, her team has increased significantly.

"We are desperate last week, because we tried everything and thought about what we could do better - but nothing helped and above all, we have not gotten the two strong Obwalden mid-players under control."

Constant opponents

The great despair of Lower Germany led to a 3-0 first-leg defeat, which proved to be a heavy mortgage for the second leg, not least because of the clear set results of 20:25, 16:25 and 21:25. "Our players knew full well that on average Obwalden was only allowed to score 19 points per set," said Züri Unterlands coach Vasi Koutsogiannakis, "that in the end we won the first set only 25:23 despite the high lead That's the decisive damper. "

Dennoch bewiesen die Unter- länderinnen in der Folge Moral: Nach dem misslungenen Start in den zweiten Satz holten sie einen 3:8-Rückstand auf und gingen bei 14:13 in Führung. Doch von 15:14 bis 15:22 kassierten sie acht gegnerische Punkte in Serie – die Vorentscheidung. «In dieser Phase hat unsere Annahme leider gar nicht mehr funktioniert», kommentierte Philipp Häring, im Verbund mit Koutsogiannakis und Thomas Schmidli Züri Unterlands Trainer. Letzterer bilanzierte: «Über die zwei Spiele gesehen, hat Obwalden viel konstanter gespielt und sein Poten- zial abgerufen. In der Auf-/Ab- stiegsrunde muss uns das auch gelingen.»

After a weekend break, this begins on the second weekend of April with round-trip play against the two last-placed teams in the NLB relegation round and the losers of the second 1st League final. For the Unterländerinnen then could repeat their own history: four years ago, they also failed in the final and had to watch in their own hall, as the opponents of Kanti Baden celebrated the direct rise. At the end of the season, however, they followed the Aargau women in the NLB. With Vasi Koutsogiannakis as coach, at the time in cooperation with Andreas Maurer.